Private Sewing Coaching Services Terms and Conditions

House of Irwin Sewing Studio provides the following services: Commissioned Sewing Projects, Private Sewing Lessons, and Private Coaching Sewing Sessions. You are contracting with us for one of these services. 

Private Coaching Sewing Sessions:

Are available for those who have some sewing skills but need guidance on design, fabric choice and finishing.  The cost is $25 per hour (tools and use of our machines are provided). Costs for materials and supplies are extra.

 *Session options:

  • 1 Session (2 hours) $50
  • 3 Sessions (6 hours) $135 - a 10% savings!
  • 5 Sessions (10 hours) $212.50 - a 15% savings! 

Attendees are encouraged to bring a project of their choice to work on, supervision and assistance are supplied. These coaching sessions are for attendees who are very comfortable with threading and operating a sewing machine, are able to sew independently, and have some experience following commercial pattern instructions. 

Coaching sessions are planned along a reasonable time frame to complete your project. You are expected to keep pace.  However, if projects are not completed in the allotted time you have scheduled, you may elect to purchase more time or, you may choose to complete the project in your own time. 

The initial consultation is free of charge and may take up to 45 minutes.  There is no obligation on you to book any coaching sessions. 

Cancellation Policy Prior to Coaching Sessions Starting:  

In the event you must cancel your registration for sessions, please let us know as soon as possible.  Any cancellations or changes to your registration must be made at least 72 hours PRIOR to the session start date in order to be issued a studio credit or partial refund (minus 50% CANCELLATION FEE). Cancellations made less than 72 hours BEFORE the session start date and attendees who do not show up to the sessions will forfeit their registration fee. Please be sure of your schedule before registering for a session. 

Cancellation to attend a session must be given to us in writing. You can do this by sending an email to 

In exceptional circumstances when we may have to cancel a session, House of Irwin will give you as much notice as possible and will try to accommodate you on a different date, or refund your fee paid, whichever you prefer. We do not accept liability for travel or other costs. Notification will be sent by email.  

Attendance and Missed Coaching Sessions: 

There are times when stuff happens in your life and you just cannot make your session. If you need to miss a session, please let us know ASAP! One make-up session per registration is allowed and can be arranged by mutual agreement for rescheduling.  The make-up session must be scheduled within 60 days of the original registration date. If you simply do not show up to your session, you forfeit the session or have the option to add the session to the end of your registration date for $25. 

Refunds (after the Coaching Sessions have begun): 

There will be no refunds if you are not able to continue your session. However, depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate you in a subsequent session. 


HST is applicable to all services rendered and will be added to final invoice.  Unless noted, tools and use of our machines are included.  Supplies and materials are not included. 

  • Payment is accepted by one or a combination of the following means: Credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, e-transfer, Cheque (must be cleared before the start of the session), Cash. 


  1. House of Irwin will endeavour to meet all deadlines once told about them at the initial consultation and provided you co-operate fully in terms of making decisions quickly and making yourself available for item completion.   Later changes to your instructions may affect the agreed upon deadline and may require additional coaching session bookings or, you may choose to complete your project on your own time. 
  1. Re-booking a coaching session, because of a cancelled appointment, may be affected due to other work commitments that House of Irwin has ongoing and will negate any deadline. 
  1. House of Irwin shall not be liable for any default due to any act of God or other events beyond its reasonable control. 

Do I need to bring my own Machine and Tools? 

We do provide the use of a sewing machine and tools.  However, if you wish to bring your own machine to the coaching session so that you can learn about it and become more comfortable using it, you are more than welcome to! Be sure to bring your machine’s instruction manual, as this will be used as needed. 

Patterns & Materials: 

  1. Where you supply patterns or materials, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended purpose.  It is recommended that you wash the fabric (subject to fabric choice) before the first class. House of Irwin reserves the right to refuse to work with unsuitable materials. 
  1. Patterns provided by you should correspond to actual measurements, not completed projects.   If you supply the wrong pattern size, you will need to purchase the correct sized pattern.  
  1. You should buy no less than the quantity of fabric specified for the project.  Inadequate yardage will prejudice your ability to complete the item as specified by the agreed upon project.   
  1. All patterns and designs created by the House of Irwin are the sole rights of Kathy Irwin. 

Material Costs: 

  1. House of Irwin Sewing Studio commonly has all required small tools for construction and the fee for use of these small tools is included. In the event that a specialty tool must be acquired, you are responsible for the cost of the item. 
  1. EVERY MATERIAL AND NOTION USED IN YOUR PROJECT IS PAID FOR SOLELY BY THE CLIENT. Material and Notion costs are not included in the labour fee or any other fee incurred. 
  1. Shipping costs are also covered solely by the client.  

Expectations and Personal Safety: 

In order to make your experience rewarding we require all students to understand that working with machinery, tools and supplies come with some risk.  For sewing, this risk may involve pins and sewing needles, scissors, irons, etc.  As such, House of Irwin will be firm regarding personal safety and we ask that you acknowledge the risk and agree to release any liability from House of Irwin, its owner, class instructors and all employees regarding any claims of injury that could arise from your own or your child’s participation in any class at House of Irwin. You agree to seek medical treatment on your own terms and at your own expense in the event of an injury.