Our Story

My husband was involved in a car accident and part of his therapy required heat for his neck, shoulders and back. I went in search of a product that would provide the kind of relief he needed.  Unfortunately, most products lacked versatility, were mass produced and expensive, poorly made and not ascetically pleasing.

After discussing what options were available in the marketplace, my husband suggested that I make my own heating pads. This idea was fitting since I have been sewing for over 30 years. Whether it is a quilted blanket, or a bean bag to chill in, quality, comfort and style are always at the forefront of my mind. I can attribute this thinking to my mother.  She was a professional seamstress by trade and taught me how to sew.  She instilled in me the necessity to ensure that not only was the calibre of my work important, so too was the quality and style of the fabric.  She said ‘these are the key ingredients needed to make hand-crafted items that are long-lasting and sustainable’.  

With that in mind, I researched various therapeutic options and discovered the substantial benefits of Flax-seed.  I then proceeded to design different pad sizes that accommodate various parts of the body, like the neck and shoulder, hip and thigh, and width of the back.

Today, House of Irwin is a family brand that is pleased to offer its Signature Collection of Flax-seed Heating/Cooling Microwavable Pads and other Accessories that are expertly handcrafted in Canada.  With quality in mind, we use only the finest material in limited runs.  The end results are unique products that offer good value for your money.

We also offer Hand Crafted Services: Commissioned Sewing Projects, Sewing Lessons and Sewing Coaching Sessions.

House of Irwin, where quality, comfort and style reside.